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Continued In point of fact, that which, for convenience, I have chosen to designate as the subjective mind, appears to be a separate and distinct entity; and the real distinctive difference between the two mind Chapter III. Continued It must not be forgotten that C was not a spiritist, and that the whole bent of his mind inclined to materialism.

The Law Of Psychic Phenomena by Hudson, Thomas Jay

He frequently expressed the most profound astonishment at the replies he received. Chapter IV. Continued The following more curious case is given by Lord Mon-boddo in his Ancient Metaphysics:1 It was communicated in a letter from the late Mr.

Hans Stanley, a gentleman well known both to the learned Chapter V. Subjective Memory Practical Illustrations. Subjective Memory. Part 2 When the subjec-tive is allowed to dominate, the resultant acts of the individual are denominated the eccentricities of genius. When the subjective usurps complete control, the individual goes insan Part 3 Taking up, therefore, some of their poems, which appeared to me most elaborately finished, I questioned them as to their meaning, that at the same time I might learn something from them.

I am ashamed Part 4 Genius in art, as in everything else, is the result of the harmonious cultivation and synchronous action of both characteristics of the dual mind. In art, as in poetry, the undue predominance of th Chapter VI. Part 2 It is correctly true, as stated of him, that he will not only determine with the greatest facility and despatch the exact number of minutes or seconds in any given period of time, but will also solve Part 3 The latter remark above quoted would not apply to the present day, for many parallel cases have been reported within the present decade. It was hoped that the powers of this child would develop by Part 4 An English gentleman, well known to the writer, relates a curious anecdote of a dog which was raised in his family.

After the dog had come to maturity, one of the sons married and set up an establishm Chapter VII. Chapter VIII.

Hypnotism And Mesmerism Warfare of the Schools. Braid's Discovery Hypnotism And Mesmerism. Part 2 Two years after meeting Gassner he went to Paris, and at once threw that capital into the wildest excitement by the marvellous effects of his manipulations. He was treated with contumely by the medica Part 3 It promised a physiological explanation; and, best of all, it had been given a new name. It had received many names before Braid undertook the task of rechristening it; but, with the exception of mes Part 4 The leading points of difference between the three schools may be briefly stated as follows:- 1.

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The theory of the Nancy school is that the different physiological conditions characterizing the hyp Part 5 Braid relates another circumstance equally demonstrative of the proposition that suggestion is not a necessary factor in the induction of the hypnotic state. He says: - After my lecture at the Part 6 This branch of the subject has been dwelt upon somewhat at length, not merely for the purpose of showing that the adherents of the Nancy school carry the doctrine of suggestion too far, but because it Part 7 The simple truth regarding the experiments of the Paris school is in a nutshell.

Its fundamental error lies in the assumption that hypnosis has a purely physical origin, and that the phenomena are exp Part 8 On the whole, the progress of mesmeric science, per se, has been backward since the discoveries of Braid, - not because Braid disproved the fluidic theory, for he did not disprove it, nor did he claim Chapter IX.

Mesmerism And Hypnotism Mesmeric Methods. Mesmerism And Hypnotism. Part 2 The conclusion is obvious and irresistible that when a mesmerist employs the old methods of inducing the subjective state, - passes, fixed gazing, and mental concentration, - he hypnotizes himself by Part 3 The power to mesmerize by this method is within the reach of any one with sufficient intelligence to understand the directions, and sufficient mental balance to follow them with persistency; provided Part 4 He did not gaze into the eyes of the horse at all, but simply held himself in that attitude for a few moments, in close proximity to the horse's head, when the object was accomplished, and the horse b Part 5 He made the bet, and fixed on the right hand cross-road as being the one he knew very well the horse had never been before, whilst the two others were both roads to 'meets.

Part 6 The difference between the effects of mesmerism on man and animals is one of degree only; and the difference of degree is determined only by their difference in intelligence. The laws are the same. Chapter X. Hypnotism And Crime Platform Experiments misleading.

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Hypnotism And Crime. Part 2 The next subject is duly hypnotized, and informed that he is a noted pickpocket. The guests are pointed out as a good crowd to work for wipers, or whatever is thieves' slang for pocket-handkerchiefs Part 3 Auto-suggestion is now recognized as a factor in hypnotism by all followers of the Nancy school. Professor Bern-heim mentions it as an obstacle in the way of the cure of some of his patients.

One case Part 4 It will thus be seen that the question as to whether hypnotism can be successfully employed for criminal purposes, must be determined in each individual case by the character of the persons engaged in Part 5 There is one peculiarity, however, pertaining to subjective activity when the life of the individual is in danger, or that of offspring is imperilled, that is not so generally appreciated.

In such cas Part 6 But it would, in all cages, be a factor of grea importance in the prevention of crime; for the subjectiv mind is ever alert where the safety and well-being of the individual are concerned. This law is Part 7 It is a popular belief, handed down through the ages, that a somnambulic subject will always tell the truth, and that all the secrets of a sleep-walker can be obtained from him for the asking. This be Chapter XI. Psycho-Therapeutics Historical Notes. Part 2 Pliny says, 'There are men whose whole bodies possess medicinal properties, - as the Marsi, the Psyli, and others, who cure the bite of serpents merely by the touch.

Part 3 Bernheim then proceeds to give a resume of some of the histories of cures which took place at Lourdes, where thousands flock annually to partake of the healing waters of the famous grotto.

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The history Part 4 It is well known that the symptoms of almost any disease can be induced in hypnotic subjects by suggestion. Thus, partial or total paralysis can be produced; fever can be brought on, with all the atte Part 5 If the Great Healer thus acknowledged a limitation of his powers, how can we, his humble followers, hope to transcend the immutable law by which he was governed? Why is it that our belief has anyt Part 6 The healer triumphantly asks, What do you think of my theory now?

It is of little use for him to reply that he does not see that the theory is necessarily correct because he was healed. Most likely Chapter XII. Psycho-Therapeutics 2 Methods classified in Two Divisions.

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Psycho-Therapeutics 2. Part 2 They insist upon the discharge of the family physician, and the destruction of all the medicines in the house, before they will undertake to effect a cure by mental processes. It frequently happens th Part 3 If the patient does not shut his eyes or keep them shut, I do not require them to be fixed on mine, of on my fingers, for any length of time, for it sometimes happens that they remain wide open indef Part 4 Here, again, is a man twenty-six years old, a workman in the foundries.

For a year he has experienced a painful feeling of constriction over the epigastrium, also a pain in the corresponding region o Part 5 Space will not permit the reproduction of further account of the experiments of the Society for Psychical Research and the reader is referred to their Proceedings for fuller information. It must suffi Chapter XIII. Part 2 It is universally known to be true, by all who have given the slightest attention to psychological science, that passivity on the part of the subject is the primary condition necessary for the product Part 3 Recurring in this connection to the preceding proposition, that a state of perfect passivity on the part of the patient is the most favorable condition for the reception of telepathic impressions or Part 4 If the law of suggestion is valid and universal, the conclusion is irresistible that this power is inherent in man, even without one experimental fact to sustain it.

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Fortunately, we are not left to co Part 5 I asked Mrs. Chapter XIV. Part 2 Failure does not necessarily follow the imparting of such information; but when the patient or his immediate friends are aware of the effort being made in his behalf, there is always danger of adverse Part 3 Following the universal law, it obeys the suggestions of the objective mind, and persists in following the line indicated until it is recalled by the awakening of the bodily senses. Moreover, thera Part 4 The whole science of psycho-therapeutics is embraced in the foregoing propositions.

They contain all that a patient, who undertakes to heal himself or to ward off the encroachments of disease, needs t Chapter XV. The Phenomena Of Spiritism. Part 2 The laws which govern the production of the phenomena under consideration are precisely the same as those which pertain to all the other phenomena which have been discussed; and the fundamental propos Part 3 Besides, he knows that, under favorable conditions, he can produce the genuine phenomena, that he has produced them again and again, and he quiets his conscience by reflecting that it can do no harm t Part 4 When it became known to his audiences and subjects that the latter were liable to be controlled by spirits, the trouble became very marked, and the professor was greatly annoyed by the frequency wit Chapter XVI.

The Phenomena Of Spiritism 2. Part 2 These experiments were as simple as could well be devised, and to the unreflecting mind may seem trifling. But I shall endeavor to show that they possess unmeasured significance. Description In the Law of Psychic Phenomena by author Thomas Jay Hudson, Hudson has attempted to create a classification of verified psychic phenomena, accounts of which is found in the literature current on the subject; and has tentatively formulated a working hypothesis for the systematic study of all classes of psychic phenomena.

Hudson has collected a vast array of facts, thus accumulated and verified, and awaiting scientific classification and analysis, which would seem to justify at least a tentative effort to apply to them the processes of induction, to the end that the fundamental law of psychic phenomena may be discovered. This is an important work for those who are interested in the writings of Thomas Jay Hudson and also those with an interest in understanding psychic phenomena.

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