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The Lost Soul

I just can't bring this down!! And bringing this down was like an agony and pain aching through my soul. I maybe exaggerating a bit, but I, myself, is a living proof that Jessica Sorensen is a phenomenal writer. In this book A LOT of new secrets and mysteries were unraveled.

Gemma discovered more of her family relations, like Nalani. She discovered that she is another species i mean another magical kind. There was so many things going on inside this book that I have to gape faster at the events and revelations.


There was this new adventure wherein it wasn't very easy for the characters to pass through. A powerful Queen in the Afterlife was going after them, as in all of them. At first, I thought it would be Anabella, but as pages unfolded it was Helena. The powers that the queens hold of is too powerful making big twists and turns in the story. This book was different compared to the Fallen Star Series. Annabella, Queen of Essences. I didn't see this coming Hold it, I didn't see everything coming. Information overload, situation lose control. That was a very very brief summary of this book. The story line was smooth and wasn't crammed though I have to say the book was jam packed with events.

Jessica's writing style has wormed inside me that I almost memorized the possible words and dialogues she might put, but then again she always blow things in a surprise and I'm left on the edge of the cliff wanting to jump out of frustration. I hope I'm not appearing vague, but the author really overwhelmed me with this book. I was awestruck. The characters were surprisingly amazing.

I mean despite the spells and possess stuffs thrown onto them they still managed to get a hold of their attitudes. I loved them all, and reading about their struggles made my heart ached in sympathy. I loved Gemma, though she had this "i saved the world, i can save everyone" mantra going in her mind, but still I loved her rationality and courage to the extreme hazardous stuffs for the people she loves. Alex irked me on the first part but then I understood where he was coming from.

Aislin was the coolest wicca ever. She might do a lot of crappy spells but still she managed to be the coolest wicca ever. Okay, I said it. Coolest witch ever. Nicholas, I pitied him. I knew from the start that he has a thing for Gemma and he's doing everything to help her with her dilemmas. I felt sorry for him especially that his life wasn't the easiest to live in. Oh dear Laylen what will I ever do to you.

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You are the sweetest bestfriend ever. Never knowing what waits for me around the corner. She shoots him a glare and he shrinks back. That's how this book made an impact on me. It was very enthralling and appalling that I couldn't ask for more.


I catch my breath and sit at the edge of the fountain. You thought it was going to be something petty like power or world domination. Jul 21, Sandy S rated it really liked it. The requisite dark side returns, when the Queen of the Underworld continues to push the boundaries, needing homes for her lost souls. Fey, witches, vampires and demons all vie for the upper hand in a power struggle between good and evil.

The action is fast paced and draws the reader immediately into the storyline. Gemma Lucas is almost 18years old, a Keeper, a Foreseer and in love with Alex. Once she held the power of a star, she is now on a mission to free her father from the Room of the Forbidden. Only in this vision, Alex disappears and Gemma is unable to find out where he has gone. It is only when Alex disappears does Gemma realize that perhaps her one sided endeavor is risking more lives than just her own.

Something about Alex has changed. The three queens-Essence, Afterlife and Underworld continue their sibling rivalry, but Alex and Gemma become pawns in a fight that will see jealousy and hatred eat away until one sister has total control and the man that she has always wanted. And the man has connections to someone close to Gemma and her friends. As a witch, Aislin continues to find a way to increase her powers, but sometimes her magic backfires and when this happens, Gemma and the others will find themselves facing a portal into another realm, where nightmares really do come true.

Trapped with no way of escape, the duo will get help from an unlikely hero, who has eyes only for Gemma. But Nicholas is not willing to help out of the goodness of his heart. Nicholas continues his pursuit of Gemma, even though Gemma is clearly in love with Alex. And in the end, two souls will find a way to reunite, and Alex and Gemma will have no control over the outcome when Laylen becomes an integral part of the war.

Eliminating the Death Walkers and fighting the fey in The Fallen Star series had previously given Gemma a purpose, but discovering some unknown facts about her family, may prove to be a bigger obstacle than her missing powers. And when the Queen of the Underworld releases the lost souls, no one is safe, not even a friend or someone you love. Jessica Sorensen writes a wonderful and fascinating storyline that is sure to please, especially for the fans of her Fallen Star series.

To be honest, I would suggest reading her Fallen Star series, where many of The Lost Soul characters grow and develop their own personalities and storylines. If you are new to Jessica Sorensen there will be plenty of background information missing in The Lost Soul-information that can only be found in The Fallen Star series. Copy supplied by publisher. May 27, David Roberts rated it really liked it.

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I am reviewing the novel The Lost Soul by Jessica Sorensen which is a very good fantasy novel which I bought from kindle. The lady in it lost her father to the Queen of the Underworld some time ago. Her fellow keeper, Alexander, the lost soul of the title is helping her get her father back. He is training her in how to fight the various entities when the Queen of the Underworld claims him. Somebody called Aislin tells she must acivate extreme emotion within him to break the spell when she finds him.

She also tells her there is a price for giving her that information and she will have to do something unspecified for her.

THE LOST SOUL (Fallen Souls #1) by Jessica Sorensen-a review

She does find Alex and he is the 1st soul the Queen of the Underworld has ever lost. She doesn't rescue her father in this book but that will probably happen later in the series. I don't think this series is as good as the Darkness Falls series.

Both of the books in that series so far I have reviewed. Author Jessica Sorensen once again brings back Gemma Lucas, her friends and even some new found enemies for another action packed book, that gives you a story that has you reaching for the next page before your done reading the one your on. The Lost Soul also shows just how much Jessica's writing and story telling has grown since The Fallen Star was penned.

I just couldn't help myself from devouring this book in one night. What's not to love? Gemma now has 3 queens after her and her power's. Whic Author Jessica Sorensen once again brings back Gemma Lucas, her friends and even some new found enemies for another action packed book, that gives you a story that has you reaching for the next page before your done reading the one your on. Which will get to Gemma first? As more and more lost soul's are being released from the underworld, they seem to be seeking body's to possess and not even Gemma is safe from that.

Our trickster Nicholas is back and is being naughty as ever, but is it because he wants too or is it because he is being forced to play for someone else? In the end, The Lost Soul by Jessica Sorensen gives reader's a storyline like no other and keeps reader's reaching for the next page with well thought-out book characters and story-lines you wont see coming.

The Lost Soul is a 5 star book for me and I recommend it for lover's of Jessica's previous The Fallen Star series as well as reader's wanting a entertaining read that leaves you breathless and thinking 'That was one hell of a ride' after you turn that very last page.

Jan 17, Jessica rated it it was amazing.

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Poor Gemma. She just can not catch a break. And now this book with that damn queen of the after life, messes everything up. It's crazy how long of a list her problems are. I loved it all though. This world of Keepers, Forseers, vampires, witches, everything, is interesting. Spoilers: Laylen. Is he for real a good guy?

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Or a trick. I don't see what he could get out of tricking Gemma. But WHAT. But what the Helena said about the guys in Gemmas life Which one is Laylen?