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Try to stick with loose-fitting, light-colored clothing, made from breathable cotton fabric. Save your black bodysuit and jeans for when it's not 90 degrees outside.

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Muscle activity can produce a lot of body heat , so take a blisteringly hot day as nature's way of telling you to put your feet up and relax. Did you know that certain foods can raise your body's temperature?

Okay, besides the apparent big bowl of soup, there are other foods that will naturally increase your body's heat as well: Ginger, coconut oil, brown rice, garlic, and cayenne pepper all contain properties that bring your body temp up, so save those foods for the winter season. If those foods warm you up, which ones cool you down? Well, focus on foods that contain a lot of water and help to keep you hydrated.

Add cucumbers, mango, cilantro, watermelon, zucchini, and pineapple to your summer grocery list. If you're looking to refresh yourself in the best way possible, try keeping certain grooming products, such as face masks, eye-rollers, and moisturizers, in the fridge. It will simultaneously cool and replenish your skin. Of course, each product is different, so check the label for the recommended storing conditions before putting anything in the fridge. No problem. If you don't have air conditioning, try and make a trip to the nearest place that does.

Window shop at the mall, catch a movie at your local theater, or even read some books down at the public library.

You and Me, and One Hot Summer

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. Stay hydrated the right way. Yoray Liberman Getty Images. Keep the sun out. Boston Globe Getty Images. Blow it away. Nick Wilson Getty Images. Readjust your schedule. Dean Mouhtaropoulos Getty Images. Pouring water on your head. Christian Vierig Getty Images. Three Songs Come unto these yellow sands, And then take hands: Court'sied when you have, and kiss'd,-- The wild waves whist-- Foot it featly here and there; And, sweet sprites, the burthen bear.

Hark, hark! Bow, wow, The watch-dogs bark: Bow, wow.

The Long, Hot Summer () - IMDb

I hear The strain of strutting chanticleer Cry, Cock-a-diddle-dow! This life is most jolly. My Love Sent Me a List O my Love sent me a lusty list, Did not compare me to a summer's day Wrote not the beauty of mine eyes But catalogued in a pretty detailed And comprehensive way the way s In which he was better than me. About this poem: "No, really, a found poem; however, I also find, that if one reads thirty or so Shakespearean sonnets in a row out loud , something is bound to happen.

Megan Thee Stallion - Hot Girl Summer ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign

Olena Kalytiak Davis Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter. Teach This Poem. Follow Us. Find Poets. Read Stanza. Jobs for Poets. Materials for Teachers. The Walt Whitman Award. James Laughlin Award. Ambroggio Prize. Dear Poet Project. Sugar confides to Joe that she has sworn off male saxophone players, who have stolen her heart in the past and left her with "the fuzzy end of the lollipop". She has set her sights on finding a sweet, bespectacled millionaire in Florida. During the forbidden drinking and partying on the train, Josephine and Daphne become intimate friends with Sugar, and must struggle to remember that they are supposed to be girls and cannot make passes at her.

Once in Miami, Joe woos Sugar by assuming a second disguise as millionaire Junior, the heir to Shell Oil , while feigning indifference to her. Brown , tries repeatedly to pick up Daphne, who rebuffs him. Osgood invites Daphne for a champagne supper on his yacht, New Caledonia. Joe convinces Daphne to keep Osgood occupied onshore so that Junior can take Sugar to Osgood's yacht, passing it off as his. Once on the yacht, Junior explains to Sugar that psychological trauma has left him impotent and frigid, but that he would marry anyone who could change that.

Sugar tries to arouse sexual response in Junior, and begins to succeed.

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Meanwhile, Daphne and Osgood dance the tango " La Cumparsita " till dawn. When Joe and Jerry get back to the hotel, Jerry announces that Osgood has proposed marriage to Daphne and that he, as Daphne, has accepted, anticipating an instant divorce and huge cash settlement when his ruse is revealed.

Joe convinces Jerry that he cannot actually marry Osgood. The hotel hosts a conference for "Friends of Italian Opera", which is in fact a major meeting of the national crime syndicate, presided over by "Little Bonaparte" Nehemiah Persoff. Spats and his gang from Chicago recognize Joe and Jerry as the witnesses to the Valentine's Day murders. Joe and Jerry, fearing for their lives, realize they must quit the band and leave the hotel.

Joe breaks Sugar's heart by telling her that he, Junior, must marry a woman of his father's choosing and move to Venezuela. Joe and Jerry evade Spats' men by hiding under a table at the syndicate banquet. Joe, dressed as Josephine, sees Sugar onstage singing that she will never love again.

He kisses her before he leaves, and Sugar realizes that Joe is both Josephine and Junior. Jerry persuades Osgood to take "Daphne" and "Josephine" away on his yacht. Sugar runs from the stage at the end of her performance and jumps aboard Osgood's launch just as it is leaving the dock with Joe, Jerry, and Osgood. Joe tells Sugar that he is not good enough for her, that she would be getting the "fuzzy end of the lollipop" yet again, but Sugar wants him anyway.

Meanwhile, Jerry lists reasons why "Daphne" and Osgood cannot marry, ranging from a smoking habit to infertility. Osgood dismisses them all; he loves Daphne and is determined to go through with the marriage.

One Hot Summer

Exasperated, Jerry removes his wig and shouts, "I'm a man! The soundtrack features four songs performed by Marilyn Monroe for the movie, nine songs composed by Adolph Deutsch, as well as 2 songs performed by jazz artist Matty Malneck. Billy Wilder wrote the script for the film with writer I. He bought the rights to the script and Wilder worked with this to produce a new story.

The studio hired female impersonator Barbette to coach Lemmon and Curtis on gender illusion for the film. Tony Curtis was spotted by Billy Wilder while he was making the film Houdini , [9] as he thought Curtis would be perfect for the role of Joe. Diamond didn't expect such a big star as Marilyn Monroe to take the part of Sugar [5] in fact, Wilder said, " Mitzi Gaynor was who we had in mind. The word came that Marilyn wanted the part and then we had to have Marilyn. The film was made in California during the summer and autumn of There were many problems with Marilyn Monroe, who lacked concentration and suffered from an addiction to pills.

She was constantly late to set, and could not memorize many of her lines, averaging takes for a single line according to Tony Curtis. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon made bets during the filming on how many takes she would need to get it right.

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  8. Billy Wilder spoke in about filming another movie with Monroe: "I have discussed this with my doctor and my psychiatrist and they tell me I'm too old and too rich to go through this again. The film's iconic closing line "Nobody's perfect" is ranked 78th on The Hollywood Reporter list of Hollywood's Favorite Movie Lines, but it was never supposed to be in the final cut.

    Diamond and Wilder put it in the script as a "placeholder" until they could come up with something better, but they never did. With regards to sound design, there is a "strong musical element" [5] in the film, with the soundtrack created by Adolph Deutsch. It has an authentic s jazz feel using sharp, brassy strings to create tension in certain moments, for example whenever Spats' gangsters appear. In terms of cinematography and aesthetics, Billy Wilder chose to shoot the film in black and white as Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in full drag costume and make-up looked "unacceptably grotesque" in early color tests.

    Some Like It Hot received widespread acclaim from critics, and is considered among the best films of all time. The website's critical consensus reads, " Some Like It Hot : A spry, quick-witted farce that never drags. Though sometimes said to have been "condemned" by the Roman Catholic Church's Legion of Decency , that body gave the film its less critical rating as "morally objectionable".

    The film then expanded to theatres around the country for the Easter holidays [37] including at the newly renovated State Theatre in New York City on Sunday, March 29, [38] [39] and the film became number one in the country and remained there for three weeks before being knocked off the top by Imitation of Life. In , this film became one of the first 25 inducted into the United States National Film Registry. The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists:. As a favor to the production company, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis agreed to film cameo appearances, returning as their original characters, Daphne and Josephine, at the beginning of the pilot.

    Their appearance sees them in a hospital where Jerry Lemmon is being treated for his impacted back tooth and Joe Curtis is the same O blood type. The version is aimed for a broadway release in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.