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It's all about keeping Jesus at the center of your discipleship. Listen on Apple Podcasts.

Discipled by Jesus is not a new perspective on discipleship. It feels new because of how far we have strayed from Christ's invitation to follow him and be discipled by him. In this podcast, Robert Gelinas is sharing a beautiful vision for our lives as Christians.

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It is not a new vision which is exactly what makes it so beautiful. It is helping us recapture the invitation of Jesus for all of us. Jesus never invited anyone to believe in him, he invites us to follow him.

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May we all be moved by the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus more intentionally in every area of our lives. Robert is such a gifted hard working speaker and author I'm so excited to be a part of this next journey.

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Discipled by Jesus. Your Ongoing Invitation to Follow Christ. About Formats. Product Description Jesus is alive!

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But Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us. He is alive, and because of his great love for each of us, Jesus is ready, willing, and able to do for us what he did for the twelve. Robert Gelinas dives into the Bible to show us the Jesus of the gospels, and the Jesus who is alive and yearning to disciple each one of us today.

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Read More. Pages: ISBN: Keywords: christian living, jesus christ, christian, adult, motivational, inspirational, spirituality, spiritual growth, bible, discipleship, evangelism, devotionals, faith, hope, god, self help, prayer, religion, encouragement, gods love, worship, personal growth, life lessons. Exclusive Tyndale. By Robert Gelinas.

Have you ever wished you were a disciple--one of Jesus' first followers, who walked in his footsteps and heard Him teach and watched Him heal people? Have you ever closed your Bible and sighed, thinking that your faith would be easier if you had been discipled by Jesus Himself? Unfortunately, our modern way of looking at the great commission has sidelined Jesus when it comes to our spiritual growth.

However, Jesus is still personally discipling people today and is ready, willing, and able to do for you what he did for the twelve. Discipled by Jesus is about keeping Jesus at the center of your discipleship. Jesus not only was but is the master disciple-maker. The good news is that Jesus Himself is discipling you.

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And He stands ready to disciple whoever you bring to Him. Jesus is alive And for our walk with God, that makes all the difference. Walk with Robert Gelinas as he demonstrates through the Scriptures that Jesus Himself is our pastor, our teacher, and our leader in the great commission.